Monday, January 28, 2013

Skinner Box

Running Header : NameCollege /UniversityBurrhus Frederic skinner intentional a sleeping room , more popularly known as the operant learn house or the skinner box , in to go over the relationship between look , mental states , and conditioning . B . F . muleteer utilized the to study the scheme of operant conditioning . Operant conditioning , when applied to cultivation holds that the schooling behavior is reinforced by a motivating arousal which in turn influences the natural desire for nurture . motivational stimulus is categorized as dictatorial or blackball reinforcements . The presence of positive and negative reinforcements in the milieu provide determine the type of learning outcomes that shall be generated during the learning functioning . Learning under operant conditioning fol baseborns the concept of behavior modification (Debell , 1992Positive reinforcements are rewards or merits that come a longsighted with sexually attractive behavior . This increases the occurrence of the said behavior On the early(a) hand , bad behavior is rewarded with a penalisation Punishments pull up stakes lead to diminish the occurrence of bad behavior . This theory was proven with Skinner s experiment conducted utilizing a small chamber or the Skinner box . The Skinner box was designed to investigate the theory of operant conditioning to animals . The box was render with levers which animals are able to manipulate . Each lever produces any a reward , such(prenominal) as food or water , while the other lever produces a punishment , such as an electric shock ( The The theory of operant conditioning has been part of pedagogical approaches employed deep down the learning purlieu . nevertheless , the concept of the Skinner box has long since endured advances and developments , especially in the field of education and technology . In pedagogy , the concept of operant conditioning based on the Skinner box experiment is applied to the theory of behaviouristic psychology .
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The model of operant conditioning represented by the Skinner box experiment is one of the conceptual bases that build the knock-down(prenominal) foundation of behaviorism in learningThe theory of behaviorism applies the Skinner box experiment such that the learning environment becomes the operant chamber wherein the learners are reinforced to exhibit desirable learning attitudes and outcomes . Learning is based on the stimulus and the response . Moreover learning does not take place naturally however is dependent on several factors , such as the environment and the motivational aspects of the learning atmosphere that incites voluntary learning to the learners (Burton , Moore MagliaroAs aforementioned(prenominal) , the classroom or the learning environment is parallel to the functions of the Skinner box . Desirable learning behavior is reinforced with rewards in the form of praises and commendations from the teacher , the receipt of high grades , success within the learning environment , etc . On the other hand , hateful learning behavior is reinforced with punishments such as demerits and low grades , and poor rates of success within the learning environment . The theory of behaviorism may be applied to these scenarios such that teachers should be able to provide reinforcements that are more positive in to eliminate undesirable behavior (Ormrod , 1999In to accomplish the...If you exigency to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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